Developer Notes

Jonatan Liljedahl (Kymatica AB)



iOS Audio

AUv3 Parameters
The basics about AUv3 parameters.

iOS MIDI timestamps
Timestamping done right for AUv3, IAA and a bit about CoreMIDI.

Inter-App Audio
Overview and basics for implementing an IAA node app.

IAA/AU host sync and Ableton Link sync.

IAA quirks
Avoiding IAA zombies, handling multiple IAA ports, etc.

IAA and sample rates
How to handle flexible sample rates.

IAA latency compensation
A custom solution for latency reporting.

External articles

Safe and glitch-free audio code
Four common mistakes in audio development.

Article by Michael Tyson (Loopy/Audiobus/TheAmazingAudioEngine)

AUv3 MIDI plugins
Tips, background information and considerations for iOS developers wishing to create AUv3 MIDI plugins or to support MIDI plugins in AU host software.

Article by Bram Bos (Rozeta Sequencer Suite/Ruismaker/RippleMaker/Troublemaker)

Other stuff

Bafang BBSxx config Browser based configuration tool for Bafang BBSxx e-bike motors.